81. My kids understand me better when I keep it brief and simple. You can learn a lot about how to communicate as a lawyer by thinking about how you to talk to your kids.

82. If you have practiced long enough, odds are you have a favorite drink. Mine is anejo rum on the rocks.

83. I don’t always live by these rules.  That doesn’t make them less valid.

84. Before joining the board of anything, keep in mind that a large part of your job will be asking others for money. Not to dissuade you, but just saying.

85. If you want autonomy, develop a client base. 

86. When thinking of New Years’ resolutions, start the year with a list of goals. Goals regarding work, family and personal aspirations. Write them down. Check how you are coming at the beginning of each month.

87. Who your five best friends aresays a lot about who you are.

88. Food is not the answerto stress.

89. If you don’t have a hobby that is yours, that you truly enjoy, that you engage in not because it is good for marketing or because your boss does it, then find one. Reading the advance sheets is not a hobby. Rock climbing or reading pulp fiction are.

90. There are no coincidences. People come into our lives and we into theirs for a reason. Always search out that reason.