91. Avoid spaghetti and linguini when lunching with clients or on an interview.

92. I’ve learned more from the associates I’ve mentored than I’ve taught them.

93. You can cut your budget $3 to $5 a day without noticing.  Cut out the trip to Starbucks in the morning and settle for the office coffee, drink water instead of a soda at the restaurant at lunch, and bring healthy snacks from home. With the savings, you don’t have to wonder how you are going to afford the family vacation.

94. My wife enjoys receiving supermarket flowers from me on a regular basis more than receiving a huge assortment of roses from a florist on Valentine’s day. Don’t just remember the holidays.

95. Don’t skip funerals, weddings, hospital visits, yearly check-ups, dental cleanings, birthday parties, award ceremonies, band concerts or little league games. That pain in your side or that nagging headache may be nothing or it could be something.

96. Get into the office early.  That will give you a jump on the rest of the day.

97. Half of all meetings are unnecessary. Often a call or an e-mail will do.

98. Each of us are good at something.  Each of us have a passion for something. Look where your skills overlap your dreams. That’s where you are supposed to be.

99. Dress like you. Act like you. Talk like you. Don’t dress, act or talk like others. You can’t live someone else’s life. In a profession where credibility is everything, you are setting yourself up for failure by pretending to be someone you’re not.

100. My dad likes telling his friends his son is a lawyer. He’s proud I’m a lawyer. Knowing he’s proud makes me act in a way to earn that pride.

101. It still is a noble impression.

102. Pro bono cases are the ones where you make the most difference. They are the ones you remember, tell stories about and that define you.

103. Don’t take yourself too seriously.