71. Boring gets a bad rap.  Boring is playing by the rules, sticking to the fundamentals and working hard. If you’re called “boring,” take it as a complement. “Boring” is a term often tossed around by those whom “boring” folks would call “irresponsible.”

72. A handwritten note can make a person’s day. Invest in some stationary.

73. Three things tell a lot about a person – 1) how they react to a canceled flight; (2) how they react to losing a motion; and (3) how they react to an empty coffee pot.

74. Find a hotel chain that meets your needs and stick with it whenever you travel on business. For me, it’s Hampton Inn. It’s reasonably-priced, clean, comfortable bed, exercise amenities, free coffee 24/7, and free breakfast. Stay enough times and you earn free nights when you’re traveling for pleasure.

75. Why you do something is more important than what you’re doing.

76. Ignoring facts won’t change them. A bad case is a bad case.

77. You can’t change the facts.  Often, you’re most important job is to uncover all the facts, good and bad and advise the client of the possible outcomes. 

78. Our childhood shapes us as adults.  When I was a kid, my parents couldn’t afford to take me to the movies. Now I go every chance I can. Things we missed out on as kids often motivates us as adults. Learn about others’ childhoods and you’ll learn what motivates them.

79. Yelling never helped.

80. Good posture is a huge confidence booster.  Add a smile.