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Federation History
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The Federation was founded more than eighty years ago as an international defense organization dedicated to the principles of knowledge, justice, and fellowship.  To learn more about the history of the Federation, read the 75th Year Anniversary Edition of "Above and Beyond: A History of The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel" 

PAST PRESIDENTS of the Federation 

1936-37 David F. Lee
Norwich, NY
1937-40 Scott Fitzhugh
Memphis, TN
1940-41 H. Beale Rollins
Baltimore, MD
1941-46 Henry B. Walker
Evansville, IN
1946-47 Glenn R. Dougherty
Milwaukee, WI
1947-48 Julian B. Humphrey
New Orleans, LA
1948-50 George Henry Tyne
Nashville, TN
1950-52 John Alan Appleman
Urbana, IL
1952-53 Charles B. Robison
Chicago, IL
1953-54 Kent H. Meyers
Cleveland, OH
1954-55 James Dempsey
White Plains, NY
1955-56 Robert T. Luce
Chicago, IL
1956-57 John C. Williams
Houston, TX
1957-58 Harry LaBrum
Philadelphia, PA
1958-59 George F. Woodliff
Jackson, MS
1959-60 Lowell L. Knipmeyer
Kansas City, MO
1960-61 William A. Gillen
Tampa, FL
1961-62 Carroll R. Heft
Racine, WI
1962-63 William A. Porteous, Jr.
New Orleans, LA
1963-64 Robert O. Rooney
Chicago, IL
1964-65 David Green
Newark, NJ
1965-66 John A. Loomis
Los Angeles, CA
1966-67 Edward C. German
Philadelphia, PA
1967-68 John Gordon Gearin
Portland, OR
1968-69 Wilbur W. Jones
Columbus, OH
1969-70 William C. Harvin
Houston, TX
1970-71 W.E. Herod
Nashville, TN
1971-72 Joseph M. Best
Tulsa, OK
1972-73 Howard M. Lester
New York, NY
1973-74 Phillip W. Knight
Miami, FL
1974-75 John P. Cusack
Roswell, NM
1975-76 Leonel I. Hatch
Chicago, IL
1976-77 L.S. Carsey
Houston, TX
1977-78 Dominic J. Cornella
New York, NY
1978-79 Edward S. Corlett, III
Miami, FL
1979-80 Bruce W. Williams
Salem, OR
1980-81 Don L. Smith
Nashville, TN
1981-82 Forrest A. Norman
Cleveland, OH
1982-83 Thomas J. Hagerty
Hartford, CT
1983-84 James B. Hiers, Jr.
Atlanta, GA
1984-85 Patrick H. Dickinson
Atlanta, GA
1985-86 Hugh E. Reynolds, Jr.
Indianapolis, IN
1986-87 Scott Conley
San Francisco, CA
1987-88 Richard L. Berdelle
Chicago, IL
1988-89 Robert A. Babcock
Kansas City, MO
1989-90 D. Dudley Oldham
Houston, TX
1990-91 Douglas G. Houser
Portland, OR
1991-92 Robert J. Federman
Los Angeles, CA
1992-93 Fred R. Ober
Miami, FL
1993-94 Robert L. Dickson
Santa Monica, CA
1994-95 Marvin L. Karp
Cleveland, OH
1995-96 John R. Trigg
Denver, CO
1996-97 Victor M. Halbach, Jr.
Jacksonville, FL
1997-98 John R. Woodard, III
Tulsa, OK
1998-99 J. Ric Gass
Milwaukee, WI
1999-00 Paul L. Price
Chicago, IL
2000-01 William F. Fanter
Des Moines, IA
2001-02 William C. Roedder, Jr.
Mobile, AL
2002-03 Robert V. Dewey, Jr.
Peoria, IL
2003-04 Jack T. Riley, Jr.
Chicago, IL
2004-05 Jean M. Lawler
Los Angeles, CA
2005-06 Lewis F. Collins, Jr.
Tampa, FL
2006-07 Dan D. Kohane
Buffalo, NY
2007-08 Wayne B. Mason
Dallas, TX
2008-09 Steven L. Barney
Petoskey, MI
2009-10 Michael T. Lucey
San Francisco, CA
2010-11 F. Thomas Cordell
Chickasha, OK
2011-12 Michael I. Neil
San Diego, CA
2012-13 Edward M. Kaplan
Concord, NH
2013-14 Timothy A. Pratt
Malborough, MA
2014-15 Victoria H. Roberts
Scottsdale, AZ
2015-16 Steven E. Farrar
Greenville, SC


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7/24/2017 » 7/29/2017
2017 FDCC Annual Meeting/ Bridging The Gap Insurance Summit

9/17/2017 » 9/19/2017
Corporate Counsel Symposium

10/23/2017 » 10/24/2017
2017 Fall Deposition Boot Camp

11/9/2017 » 11/10/2017
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Featured Members
Marjorie J. BergerMarjorie is with American Nuclear Insurers in CT
Bradford D. BoxBrad Box is with Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell in TN

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