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Purpose of Foundation

The Foundation's purpose is to promote civil justice by sponsoring educational programs, the publication and distribution of learned articles and treatises on matters dealing with civil litigation, and other endeavors that enhance the quality of legal practice and service. The Foundation of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel was founded in 1960 and is the oldest foundation of any defense lawyer organizations.  It is a Texas non-profit corporation recognized as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. All members of the Federation are members of the Foundation. 


(as of  October 2014)

  Foundation Officers



Richard E. Hall

Vice President

Lewis F. Collins, Jr.


Dan D. Kohane


  Presidents Emeritus  
 Alan S. Brown John T. Fitts James B. Hiers, Jr.
Victor M. Halbach, Jr. Richard P. Mahoney Hugh E. Reynolds, Jr.
William C. Roedder, Jr.   John R. Woodard, III
  Board of Directors  
Steven L. Barney Colin V. Croly Wayne B. Mason
Janet L.  Brown Edward M. Kaplan Michael I. Neil
F. Thomas Cordell Michael L. Lucey Sarah J. Timberlake


 Contributions to the Foundation

The Foundation accepts charitable contributions from anyone. A suggested annual contribution is $250 or an amount equal to one hour of billable time by a member. These contributions are used to pay for speakers, to fund CLE programs, and to help underwrite special projects of the Federation which fall within the purposes of the Foundation.

Contributions to the Foundation, in memory of deceased members, in appreciation for referrals, in honor of a member who has achieved an office in the Federation or the Foundation, or in a national organization or otherwise, are all appropriate to the purposes of the Foundation. Such funds will be utilized to achieve the purposes of the Foundation as described above. The Foundation will provide appropriate recognition of such contributions, including letters to families of deceased members and honorees, identifying the donor, unless requested otherwise by the person making the contribution to the Foundation.

All contributors will receive an acknowledgment of their contribution complying with IRS requirements and thanking them.

Foundation Contribution Form

You may also make your contribution using a credit card, please download the authorization form, fill out and fax to 813-988-5837  -OR- To pay by credit card electronically, click on the link below.



Foundation Fellow Program

The Foundation Fellow Program was established in 2003 in order to reconize those members who went a step beyond the usual contribution to support the Foundation. Various levels of additional giving are provided. Those levels are open to all members. Members who have already made contributions to the Foundation Fellows' Program will receive credit towards the next level. That credit accumulates to permit and encourage members to continue their giving as they progress through the levels of recognition. The levels are:

  •  Foundation Fellow (FF) - $1,000
  • Sustaining Foundation Fellow (SFF) - $2,000
  • Endowing Foundation Fellow (EFF) - $3,500
  • Philanthropic Foundation Fellow (PFF) - $6,000

No matter which level of contribution is paid or pledged, Fellows are entitled to the designation at their highest level and may continue at that level and be designated as such in the Federation Roster, the Annual Report of the Foundation, and the FDCC website. Any other contributions by a member may not be used as part of the Fellows' program, but all Fellows and members are encouraged to continue making annual contributions as may be appropriate or as suggested, i.e., one hour of billable time per year.

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