The fundamental disregard of human rights recently observed on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN has outraged and saddened us all. The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel condemns that action and all other actions that undermine public trust and the rule of law. Dignity and equal justice are Constitutional and inalienable rights that deserve respect, regardless of race. As sworn Officers of the Court and as leaders of the defense bar, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, obligated to vigorously advocate under the rule of law and to work tirelessly to ensure that fairness, decency, and justice are assured. We must work to correct the tyranny of injustice through insightful understanding and empathetic listening to those whose voices are not being heard. We must work to improve the quality of life for us all. We all need to do a better job. The FDCC is redoubling its efforts with our Diversity Committee and reaching out to our colleagues across the entire profession to discuss and collaborate on ways to foster fairness and dignity. We encourage our members to engage in even more probono and community efforts, and continue our work in state and local bar associations focused on affording access to justice and promoting equality – especially for those who are less fortunate. We honor our obligation to host difficult conversations within our firms, companies and families about racial injustice. “Humanity” is a word for the qualities that make us human and a calling for how we must treat one another. Let us move forward…together…to truly become who and what we are called to be as lawyers—relentlessly just, proactive, and engaged.