Ladder Down

Ladder Down is a year-long program dedicated to leadership empowerment, business development, and mentoring – each of which is critical for women lawyers to better position themselves for success. The course is comprised of monthly large group training sessions and periodic small group accountability sessions.   The large group sessions begin with leadership training from experienced business consultant Lynn Moran. The goal of these sessions is to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, and understand conflict resolution styles. The course then transitions to a four month business development boot-camp guided by Marianne Trost. Marianne shares tips for developing and sustaining client relationships, increasing visibility, and improving self-advocacy that are specifically geared toward women lawyers.   The last core session focuses on identifying mentors and champions, and the importance of paying it forward. These sessions are balanced with interactive panel discussions with national corporate clients, male partners, and local judges.   For more information, visit:
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