All FDCC members are also members of the FDCC Foundation.  The Foundation has been fulfilling its mission to promote civil justice, encourage and foster continuing education and sponsor projects, programs and other endeavors that allow our members to enhance the quality of their legal services.  In particular, the Foundation supports FDCC members by providing seed money for projects of the Federation knowing that those projects will ultimately enhance the educational well-being of not only FDCC members but the defense bar at large. 

            Without the Foundation investment, many of the projects and programs of the FDCC would never have seen the light of day.  Without the Foundation’s support, thousands of the Federation’s lawyers and their clients would have missed programs like the Litigation Management College, the Corporate Counsel Symposium, the Insurance Industry Initiative and Leadership Institute.  Untold numbers of client relationships would never have had an opportunity to form.  Some of our recent funding has advanced “Connect and Learn Webinars” and the very popular Deposition Bootcamps.  These programs, started with Foundation seed money, provide benefit to Federation members but also allow non-members to participate improving the Federation’s visibility and its standing among defense organizations.  Additionally, without Foundation support Program and Meeting Chairs would have been unable to bring to our meetings many prominent speakers who have educated and challenged us to be better lawyers, citizens and family members. 

            Two of the newer “gems” of the Foundation demonstrate our new participation in programs that benefit individuals who may not currently be FDCC members but who, nonetheless, allow the Foundation to put forward its charitable mission while it provides greater recognition for the FDCC.  We have now presented Barb Currie scholarships to five diverse and deserving individuals to help them pursue their legal education. 

            Our support of the Ladder Down Program was a “natural” since the program was developed by two FDCC members, Alison Christian and Beth Fitch.  This program is designed to help female lawyers through large group interactive training and small group accountability.  The program’s purpose is to improve the leadership and employment of female lawyers.  The partnership of the Foundation and the Federation has helped expand this program nationwide.

            Most recently, the foundation has provided support for the new FedLIFE initiative which is focusing on ensuring that our physical and mental health are not sacrificed while we pursue our professional goals.  These are important programs providing real benefit and national recognition to the visibility of the FDCC.  However, none of these initiatives would be possible without the support of Federation members through their contributions to the Foundation.  Please join the FDCC Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of the Foundation by committing to excellence through a partnership with us and the work and mission of the Foundation.  Your part of the partnership is to provide your contributions.  Your donations are tax deductible and can be made either by visiting the Federation website and accessing the Foundation page or by providing your contribution at the same time that you pay FDCC dues.  Thank you for your support.


Stacy A. Broman

FDCC Foundation, President