State and International Representatives

The Federation's State and International Representatives perform an integral role in keeping members in their respective jurisdictions connected and informed of FDCC developments.  They also provide information to the general membership on changes in the law and regulations that will have an impact on members having matters or interest in those areas.  The following is an alphabetical listing by state and country of the Federation members appointed to the positions of State and International Representatives.

State and International Representatives

State and International Representatives are appointed by the President of the Federation to promote the goals of the FDCC including the development of membership in the Federation as well as to promote the efforts of Lawyers for Civil Justice.

The Chair(s) and Vice Chair(s) for this year are:

 Dan McGrath
Co-Chair:   Park Priest
Northeast Chair:
 Alonzo Washington
Northeast  Vice Chair:
 Imoh Akpan
Southeast Co-Chair:
 Larry Smith
Southeast Co-Chair:   Jennifer Thomas
Southeast  Vice Chair:
 Jay Davis
Central Chair:
 Shelly Masters
Central Vice Chair:
 Jamie Jones
Northwest Chair:
 Vicki Smith
Northwest Vice Chair:
 Natasha Khachatourians
Southwest Chair:
 Alison Christian
Southwest  Vice Chair:
 Chelsey Golightly

If you would like to see a Roster, please click on the links below.

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List of State and International Representatives: Alpha by State/Country