Barb Currie Diversity Scholarship Fund


The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel is committed to the full participation and inclusion of diverse professionals in our organization and the legal profession as part of our core values of diversity and inclusion. To that end, we seek diverse members, whether persons of color, women, LGBTQ, or persons with physical limitations and whether they represent economic, geographic, social, ethnic, racial or religious diversity. With these core values in mind, we created the FDCC Foundation Barb Currie Diversity Scholarship to honor the spouse of one of our long time members, Edward J. Currie, Jr., a champion of diversity in the profession.


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Barbara Currie Fund
The Foundation accepts charitable contributions from anyone. A suggested annual contribution is $250 or an amount equal to one hour of billable time by a member. These contributions are used to pay for speakers, to fund CLE programs, and to help underwrite special projects of the Federation which fall within the purposes of the Foundation.

Contributions to the Foundation, in memory of deceased members, in appreciation for referrals, in honor of a member who has achieved an office in the Federation or the Foundation, or in a national organization or otherwise, are all appropriate to the purposes of the Foundation. Such funds will be utilized to achieve the purposes of the Foundation as described above. The Foundation will provide appropriate recognition of such contributions, including letters to families of deceased members and honorees, identifying the donor, unless requested otherwise by the person making the contribution to the Foundation.

All contributors will receive an acknowledgment of their contribution complying with IRS requirements and thanking them.